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*** SOLD *** SVA tested Hawthorn *** SOLD ***
« on: June 24, 2010, 09:17:25 PM »
SOLD   For Sale - 2009 SVA tested PilgrimHawthorn. SOLD

SOLD It is an ideal car either to be used as it is, with a "B" series 1800 engine with standard sized wheels (13 inch 5 SOLD1/2 J Minilites) and Marina 1800GT instruments, or as a base for serious upgrading. As it stands, it needs a SOLDrespray or a bit of clever work with gel coat (supplied) and a little bit of work to adjust the door gaps. It is exactly as it passed the SVA test so there is no weather equipment although I understand that the original equipment suppliers still have the pattern. In any case I have an old hood and sidescreens, plus hoop, so that getting a new hood should not be any problem.
Fully documented build in the "Breed", so just have a look there or email me for lots more details and pictures. I am only after what I have spent on it and would really like it to go to a good home. Can deliver anywhere in the UK mainland for the petrol cost.  

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Ian Streatfield,
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Re: *** SOLD *** SVA tested Hawthorn *** SOLD ***
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Well done sir. A fine rescue story from start to finish.
Keith Barnes