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Pilgrim Build manuals
« on: July 12, 2008, 12:07:45 PM »
I have available for club members CD's with scanned images of Pilgrim Build manuals for:-
Bulldog MkI
Bulldog MkII
Bulldog MkIV
Bulldog MkV
If anyone has a Bulldog MkIII build manual I would be pleased if I could borrow it to scan to complete the set.
Haldane HD100 (very early edition - original photocopied)
Sierra Based Sumo (issued free with Kit-Car magazine, early edition).
All of these manuals are obsolete, have been superceded, and are intended for owners of cars bought ready built. They are no longer available from Pilgrim Cars.
The club have no intention of making available build manuals for current models made by Pilgrim cars, which should be purchased from them. There is no mention of copyright in any of these manuals, and they are given freely to club members in good faith.

Any Pilgrim Car Club member wanting a copy of any of the above should send me a stamped (large),  self addressed  envelope, large enough for a CD. My address is in the "Breed".
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