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New users welcome message and help
« on: May 26, 2008, 02:06:42 PM »
Welcome to the official site for the Pilgrim Car Club. We are happy you've found a home and this post should help make your stay here more comfortable (Unlike my Pilgrim Bulldog, which is hardly built for comfort!). The actual Pilgrim factory site is here.

How much you can see and participate in depends on your membership level.

Guests need not even log in. You can see the general chat area and also the calendar of events and events forum. However - you cannot post anything.
Pilgrims Are people who register free online. Pilgrims can post. Online registration is totally free and all you need to do is click "register" in the top right corner. You will need to be logged in to post, but if you are on your own computer, yiou can select "always stay logged in" so that next time you return, you will be logged in automatically.
Full Members will also be able to see the members only area when they are logged in. We ty to keep official stuff and the latest edition of "The Breed" (the club magazine) behind the members area, but keep most chat out here so that we can encourage any owners to flash the cash and join up.
In theory the system can also eventually create "Veterans" and "Breeders"", but that might take some time!

There are not a whole lot of Pilgrims Cars out there, so this isn't going to buzz like some official car clubs, but you can easily change your settings so that you can receive notifications by e-mail. To keep up to date by email, select "profile" after you have logged in and see what you can do. From here, why not also upload your avatar? We are hoping that will be a picture of your car.

You are also more than welcome to introduce yourself and maybe upload a few more photos of your pride and joy. If it's still in kit form, why not start your own post and keep us updated as the build gets underway?

Why Become a Full Club Member?
  • Only full members are allowed to call themselves "official car club" members for the benefit of lower kitcar insurance.
  • You get "The Breed" - the club magazine when it is published which is usually every three months.
  • you get to see what secrets we talk about in the "Members Area"
  • We  have club pitches at several events during the year which gives you somewhere to park and sit and chat to other members and also for camping at some events.

How to get become a Pilgrim
That's very easy. Takes a few seconds. Register online here.

How to become a Full Member
A bit more fiddly. Fill in the form here.
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